Veteran’s Salute

Serving in the United States Armed Forces in war time or in peace is a matter of honor. Whether one volunteered or was drafted into Uncle Sam’s family does not matter. From the Revolutionary war when our Minute men stood toe to toe against the mighty Red Coats and won, to the War of 1812 when the Brits came to win back what had been there’s, to the ramparts upon an old monestary in San Antonio Texas called the Alamo in 1836 to the bloodbath of the American Civil War from 1861-1865, to the Mexican American War in 1898 with Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders, to the War to end all Wars WW1 where the American Doughboys fought it out in the trenches, to the Great World War WW2 when our fathers, grandfather’s and great, great grandfather’s went yet once again to protect and defend our life, our values and our friends and allies, to the forgotten war in Korea where our GI’s many days out numbered gave all they had against the Communists in the frozen mountains of that land, to the jungles of Southeast Asia in Vietnam, our brothers, sisters, moms, dad’s and grandparents answered the call and 58,000 never saw home again, to Beirut, Desert Storm, to the continued fighting against terrorists that could destroy our lives as we know it. Thank God and each and every Veteran that you know because they all had and have a part of our enjoying each freedom that we have and enjoy.

We do so on this web page of Honor to those who served,serve and who have passed on from our church family. We salute you all and thank you all!!!


Larry Sarvey – Marines

Rosalie Bloom – Army

Elmer Boyer – Army

Paul Brown – Army

Jim Chitester – USMC

Bob Cooper – Navy

Don Crytzer – Navy

Bill Fitzsimmons – Army

Buck Fitzsimmons – Army

Harold Gromley – Army

Mike Summerville – Air Force

Sam Harbison – Army

Jim Harriger –Army Air Corp

Ron Hillard – Reserves

Bill Koppenhaver – Army

Jerry McGiffin – Army

Anna Morres – Army

Jim Pearce – Navy

Bill Pierce – Coast Guard

Sam Reitz – Army

Bill Renninger – Army

Jim Rowan – Army

Bill Schiafone – Army

Bud Spencer – Army

Ben Waldorf – Army

Dick Wallace – Navy

Kathy Wallace – Air Force

Ed Yoas – Navy/Airforce


Delbert Davis – Army WIA

Jim Lindermuth – Army WIA

Harry Watt – Army

Bob D. Baughman – Airforce

Roy Bish- Army

Wayne Davis – Army

Larry Foulkrod- Army

Scott Guzzo- Air Force

Paul Phillips- Army

Don Siple – Navy

Hal Swartz – Air Force

Lee Thrush – Army

Parnell Trayer – Army WIA


Celeste Pearce – ROTC

Wyatt Long – Airforce