Whom Will You Serve – Weekly Sermon – August 18, 2019


Sunday, August 18, 2019
“Whom will you serve”
Joshua 24:15-16

Joshua had every right to ask the question that he did.

“Choose you this day whom will you serve?”

The Israelites had a choice to make.

They could be idolaters, as their forefathers were they could bend a knee to the gods of the people that were conquered or they could choose to worship and bend a knee to Jehovah and no other.  

Joshua had seen the best of God’s people and  he had seen the worst.

He witnessed their loyalty to Jehovah, and he witnessed their treachery against Jehovah as well.

God had been with them always from the Exodus out of Egypt, to the 40 years of wandering in the wilderness, to the crossing of the river Jordan, to the falling of the walls of Jericho.

God was with them and he led them and won victories ovr lands of Giants numerical disadvantages against all odds in the eyes of men, Jehovah brought them through.

Led by God, led by Moses, led by Joshua they alone were God’s people.

Yes, Joshua had every right to ask his people who they chose to serve.

Joshua had served God and he had served and led his people well, but it was coming to an end.

Even the heroes of old like Moses and Joshua had to one day have a curtain call.

On his last day in this world he challenged his people, God’s people.

Joshua had followed Jehovah, and he had done so well.

He was human, he had moments like the night before he was to lead the people across the Jordan to Canaan.

He had fear, apprehension and self doubt. But God saw him through that and much more.

Joshua followed Jehovah with his head and with his heart.

He was asking nothing less than that of God’s people.

He reminded them all that God had done, thus his words:

“If you think it’s evil to serve the Lord, then don’t do it, but don’t expect his blessings either.”

If you think it’s good to serve the gods of your forefathers like they did before the flood, or if you think it’s good to serve the gods of all the nations that Jehovah delivered into your hands, then do so it’s your choice.

But if you choose to worship them over Jehovah, the Jehovah will be against you.

All that he had done, all that you have done by leading will be no consequence any longer.

Choose out this day whom you will serve.”

But I’ve been through too much, I have seen too much, I have given too much to turn back now.

As I draw my last breath I will lead you by example one last time, because as for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

The people were moved, they saw the truth of Joshuas words, the humility of his servitude to Jehovah, and they replied there was no way they wouldn’t serve him.

Now lets jump back into the scripture and see how this ended up that day.

Joshua 24:17-28

In short – don’t say that you will serve Jehovah, and then not do it.

Jehovah is a jealous God, if you turn your back on him after pledging yourselves to him, he will turn his back on you.

Do not expect his protection, his love, if you say one thing and do the other in your relationship with him.

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