Bad Company Makes Bad Decisions – Weekly Sermon – August 11, 2019


Sunday 8/11/2019
“Bad Company Makes Bad Decisions”
Galatians 5:19-21

How often have you heard someone say “It all started when I picked some bad company to spend time with.”?

How many people had and lived their lives on a straight road, in a good way until they decided to be influenced by bad company

For too many.

Here are some quotes about bad company.

“You can’t keep a clean reputation hanging out with messy people.

“To be of good quality, you have to excuse yourself from the presence of shallow and callous minded people.”

“It is better to be alone than in bad company.”

“Bad company corrupts good character.”

Bad company can absolutely cause us to make bad decisions.

Jesus spoke about a son who chose to leave the comfort and security of his good life and strike out on his own.

Jesus said that he took his inheritance and went far away and he squandered it all with riotous living.

Is there any question that bad company caused him to make bad decisions?

Those relationships were toxic.  They were the catalyst for the prodigal sons spiral into the personal abyss he had stumbled into.

When the money ran dry and that bad company left him, their influence over him left too.  It took time, but Jesus said he finally came to his senses.

He recalled the great life that he once had and he went home.  And found forgiveness and acceptance by his father.

That story ended up great, but bad company can cause a person’s story, to not always end up so well.

Very few times does a person become a crack addict on their own.  Bad company influences them to make bad decisions.

“Come try this just once, you’ll feel awesome.”

An alcoholic likely doesn’t get there all on their own.  

Ad Company says “here just one more.”

A sex addict is led into that world very often because they chose bad company that encouraged for that forbidden fruit to be sampled.

Bad company causes us to make bad decisions.  

Voices of influence, voices from the mouths and actions of toxic friendships often will fill our heads and hearts with things we never would have believed.

Toxic influence can lead us to do things that we never could have believed we would ever do.

Be very careful of the company you choose to keep.  

Bad company can only influence you as much as you permit it too.

Bad company will ruin your good habits, your reputation, your relationship with God and with your family.  

Toxic relationships and influences will cause us to make bad decisions and lead us to bad habits.

Bad habits are the hardest ones to break.

Bad company will lead us into not caring anymore, not caring anymore will bring hardships, loss of time and relationships with our families and the Lord.  

Bad company advise to you is not a Godly perspective, it is from a world view and sinful laces.

Ungodly friendships will lead to sin, into ungodly traits and will pressure you into doing what they do.

I have seen my fair share of Christians who chose bad company, toxic relationships influenced to make bad decisions.

Christians who thought I would never do that, I’m not capable of those things to find out they would do it, they were capable.

They chose bad company and then they paid the price for it. 

They lost their relationship with their families, they lost their reputations, they their good names, they lost their closeness with the Lord.

Christian, you need to recognize when a friendship with another person is leading away from your relationship with your family with the Lord.

When they do, you must walk away from that so called friend, you must always choose Christ and family.

If you are a Christian struggling with alcohol, don’t choose bad company to keep.  Don’t spend time with other alcoholics and places where alcohol is readily available.  

Use your head.

If you are a Christian, struggling with drugs or opioids, then don’t spend time with people who do.  You will feed off of each others addictions and you will not stop what you’re doing. 

If you are a Christian who struggles with sex and porn.  Don’t keep company with others who urge you on, who advise you to fill and fulfill your fantasies and addictions.  

From those, don’t walk away, run away from that bad company.  Don’t let bad company of negative people start to make you a negative person.

If you struggle with lying, stay away from liars, if it’s gossiping don’t talk with gossipers.

If bad company has and is influencing you then your already in trouble.

If you smoke or chew and your influenced by your friends rethink those friendships.  Tobacco is not your friend.

If you’ve gone from a humble and meek person into an egomaniac and self-centered because of the bad company then those friendships have to go, because you are nothing without Christ! (Mac Davs)

Bad company causes you to make bad decisions. 

You can have a friend, non Christian friends, but you must influence them, you must be a witness to them and not vice-versa.

If you can’t or if they don’t let you, then walk away.

Be wary of the company that you keep, Christian.

Use Jesus as your example with this.

He spent time with sinners , to influence them, not to be influenced by them.

He ate meals with them, he talked with them, walked with them, he forgave the adultress, he did many things with them, but we are never told that he was ever influenced by them.

When they would not be influenced by him, he simply walked away.

Don’t become a Christian who says “Well, it all started when I chose bad company.  It all went haywire when I started to be influenced by bad company that led me to make bad decisions.”

Don’t have regrets or resign to your failures by toxic influence, don’t get therein the first place.  

How many Christians have done so?

Maybe you have? Maybe I have.

Paul said “Be not deceived, bad company corrupts good morals.”

We can get ourselves in trouble on our own let alone needing help by our choice of bad company and friendships. 

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