Your D-Day – Weekly Sermon – June 9, 2019

Sunday 6/9/19
“Your D-Day”
Numbers  33:50-53

We remember it as D-Day but it was called Operation Overlord.  Its code name was Operation Neptune. It was the largest seaborne invasion in history. 150,000 allied soldiers were involved.

It laid the foundation for V-Day, Victory on the western front of the war.

Plans for that day really began in 1943.

The allies conducted a substantial military deception to mislead the Germans as to the date and location of the main allied landing.  This was called Operation Bodyguard.

The sea was turbulent on June 5, 1944, the invasion was postponed one day.

The amphibious landings were proceeded by aerial and naval bombardments, shortly after midnight 24,000 US, Brit and Canadian paratroopers dropped behind German Lines to secure bridges, roads, etc.  to halt or slow down the German reinforcements from getting to the bluffs ovr looking the beaches of Normandy.

At 6:30am infantry and armored divisions began landing on the 50 mile stretch of the beaches of Normandy France.

The coast was divided into five sectors.  Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno and Sword.

Strong winds blew the landing crafts east of their intended landing zones.

Particularly Utah and Omaha.  The intended landing area was less fortified, instead the US 5th Corp consisting of our 1st infantry division and the 29th infantry  division at Omaha Beach and the US 7th Corp consisting of the 4th and 9th infantry divisions and the famed 82nd & 101st Airborne division on Utah and behind enemy lines ran into  the teeth of the German defense fortifications.

If there were such a thing as hell on earth the beaches of Normandy would have qualified.

Operation Neptune was so large there is no way that we could have done so alone.

It took we and our allies to do so.

Our allies that day and days beyond were: Britian, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Czechoslavicia, French resistance forces, Norway and Poland.

Everyone paid a price, but none more than our fathers, grandfather, great grandpas, uncles, brothers and sons.  

Only one objective for the frontal assent were me on June 6th the two beaches of Juno and Gold, it took until June 12 for all five to be connected and secured.

At least 10,000 allied soldiers were casualties with 4114 confirmed dead.

2501 being our countrymen, 2000 of which were killed at Omaha.

The Brits lost 2000 men at Gold and Sword.

The Canadians 340 at Juno and all of the allies lost their countrymen.

D-day started the liberation of France and all of Western Europe from the death grip of Adolph Hitler and his 3rd Reich.

What if D-Day had not occurred or what if it was not successful

The landscape of this world, including our nation could have a far different look.

American Generals Eisenhower and Bradley.

Britons Generals Montgomery, Dempsey, Leign Mallory, Ramsay and Tedder most have experienced gut wrenching moments, knowing that this necessary, but terrible assault was the death warrant for thousands of their men.

But they could either let innocent blood continue to be spilled behind those beaches and fortified bluffs or they ask everything of their soldiers to set the innocent and captives free.

They asked and our soldiers, our allies soldiers responded with valor, courage and sacrifice.

I thank them all.

Imagine if you will, that sin and its soldiers and generals are like the beaches and fortified bluffs.  Behind them is your heart and mind.

They need freed from their captives.

There is only one way to set them free and that’s to attack those beaches and bluffs.

You must do so, but understand it’s going to a battle like you have never been a part of.

It will take valor, courage and sacrifice on your part.  It will take blood, sweat and tears.

If you want to be set free then you need to begin to prepare for the battle.  

Begin by getting into or back into the word of God, meditate upon it, pray over it, seek the Lord for courage, for wisdom, for guidance and discernment.

Put on the whole Armour of God.  Determine that by the power of the shed blood of Jesus and by the might of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit that you can and will be victorious.

Remember the words of a shepherd boy to a giant.

“You come to me with a sword, spear and shield.  But I come to you in the name of the Lord of Hosts, the God of the Armies of Israel.”

And then he ran towards the Giant and slew him.

Those beaches and bluffs of sin are strongholds that must come down.

Every time they win a victory, to mock the name of God.  Are going to continue to let that happen?

After you have begun to prepare, consult allies.

Ask brothers and sisters in Christ to help you.

Ask them to pray for you, to lift you up to the Lord, to be an ally in your assault against sin.

If they’re worth their salt, they join you.

Ask them to be a mentor, a sounding band, a confidante, to talk to, to lean upon and draw strength from.

Soldiers of the cross, the strongholds of sin must come down.  

Prepare yourself for your Spiritual D-Day.

Attack sin, fight for your heart and your mind.

It will take time, it will most likely be a very tough assault, remember in the end Jesus Christ, his shed blood, his grace, his love is your greatest ally.

If you must, take one spiritual beach at a time, conquer it, move into the next, then take on the spiritual fortified bluff at a time, conquer it and move onto the next.  Do David, then chop off its head and give God be the glory over that enemy.

Push on and eradicate any remaining resistance and set your heart and mind free.

One day you’re going to have to have a personal spiritual D-Day if you ever want to walk in the liberty and freedom that the cross of Christ paved your way to do!

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